Jul 27, 2009

Invitations Are OUT!!!

Actually, though, I'm still sending out a few more...they're MOSTLY out ;)

Jul 21, 2009


Today I went in to get my dress altered, with my mom and Crystal, and on the way home we drove past this little house - with a little old man riding on his mower and we saw the most BEAUTIFUL patch of flowers!!! Actually, there were several patches and it looked like such a beautiful place to take wedding photos. So we decided, after debating for about a mile, that we would turn back around and see if they would let us take pictures there - AND if they sold their flowers. So we flagged down the little man on his riding mower and he called his wife outside and the next thing we knew we were riding on the back of a golf cart to this grove of flowers and she was picking us bouquets and we're totally getting our flowers from them! They were both incredibly sweet. She also makes her own jam and sells veggies and sourdough bread and all sorts of delicious things, so let me know if you want her number! They're right off of Poplar Tent and Eastfield.

We also went to Habitat and bought pretty vases for the reception. What a good day :)

I am feeling incredibly productive, I must say.

Daniel also got a wall in our apartment painted. The complex will paint ONE wall for us. We chose this pretty grey-ish purpley color. It was called...spring mist? Something like that. And I am SO looking forward to seeing it.

Also on my to do list...house wise, is to paint a dresser and a TV cabinet. One of these days when I just have extra time ;)

I will post pictures when I finally see it!


Jul 20, 2009


Maid of Honor: Charlotte Dixon
Sydney Deltnre

Katherine Dixon
Juliet Jones
Nicole Lanno

Things that you would normally find on a wedding website...Wedding parties, for example.

Starting with the groomsmen...

Best Man: Michael Finster.

Matt Padgett
Grant Harding
Cole Moser
Garrett Odell