Aug 30, 2009

The Final Countdown!!!

Today is my last Sunday as an Odell...

Tomorrow is my last day at work until AFTER our honeymoon (YAY!)

Tuesday family starts coming in...

Wednesday...I actually can't think of anything for Wednesday at the moment.

Thursday my bestie - Sydney Deltnre flys in ALL the way from Arizona for our wedding!!! And we're having my bachelorette party that evening. (Dinner and a movie folks, no worries ;))

Friday is pampering day for the Odell ladies and grandmas. Manicures and NO more thinking about weddings until the rehearsal that night. Followed by an amazingly yummy dinner...

Friday NIGHT I am going to try SO hard to fall asleep...It'll be so much worse than Christmas. Haha.

Saturday is our WEDDING DAY!!!!!!! Horray!!! I can't wait to join the ranks of Coleman women! What a fun week :)

Aug 20, 2009

Time Flies When You're Planning a Wedding

I can't believe we're getting married in 16 days!!!

This is Daniel, by the way. Mindy's been having all the fun on here, so I think it's time I made my own contribution :) First things first: I've been wanting to post pictures of some of the pretty new apartment furniture we've been fixing up over the last few weeks. Here's a picture of our buffet-style entertainment center before it made the short journey to my apartment (We had to sand it down reeeeally good first)

Now here's that lovely white beast after he'd been meticulously painted and positioned in my living room:
We've got some other fun furniture in the works right now (including some super comfy couches...thanks mom!), but I'm gonna wait 'til I have my professional home-maker here before I show off any more :P


Quick Announcements: For those of you who have NOT rsvp'd yet, please do! There's still room and time if you do it right now :) Also, we've gotten some feedback from folks who were unable to visit the RSVP "website" written on the invitation. Just for the record, is an email address, not a website. You should be able to email that address without setting up any special account. The same goes for this blog, too. You can post comments as a guest without setting up an entire blogger account. Please email us if you have any more tech questions :)

Aug 9, 2009


Until wedding bells toll :)

Goodness. I don't even know where to start...I'm pretty positive things are coming right along. This week is going to be my work-super-hard-and-long-on-everything week. So that hopefully we wont end up with any extra things to do those last few weeks.

Daniel starts school up again on the 24th, and that in itself is going to be a big adjustment. I'm so used to just having to work around his work schedule to see him, but work AND school will require a little more skillful planning. Definitely doable.

I have pictures. Our sweet friend Jonathan Volk took engagement pictures for us a few weeks back and I have a few of them. I would like to wait until we actually get the disc of pics before I post any, though.

And Daniel said he would post some apartment pictures, too. Because we painted a whole bunch of furniture. Its exciting to me at least...