Aug 30, 2009

The Final Countdown!!!

Today is my last Sunday as an Odell...

Tomorrow is my last day at work until AFTER our honeymoon (YAY!)

Tuesday family starts coming in...

Wednesday...I actually can't think of anything for Wednesday at the moment.

Thursday my bestie - Sydney Deltnre flys in ALL the way from Arizona for our wedding!!! And we're having my bachelorette party that evening. (Dinner and a movie folks, no worries ;))

Friday is pampering day for the Odell ladies and grandmas. Manicures and NO more thinking about weddings until the rehearsal that night. Followed by an amazingly yummy dinner...

Friday NIGHT I am going to try SO hard to fall asleep...It'll be so much worse than Christmas. Haha.

Saturday is our WEDDING DAY!!!!!!! Horray!!! I can't wait to join the ranks of Coleman women! What a fun week :)


  1. And we can't wait to have you join us Coleman women too...I can't believe I'm gaining a daughter ...Yaaaaayyyy!!

  2. I'm ALREADY having a hard time sleeping, babes. Seriously, it's like Christmas Eve times a million :)