Sep 24, 2009

We're ALIVE!!!

Sorry for the no-updates.

You understand, i think :)

But we are doing sooooooooooo good! We've both been working like mad. And Daniel has been studying and schooling. I, on the other hand, having neither of these things, come home and am greeted by LOTS of dishes - and dirty laundry. Which, I might add, has NOT disappeared once in the last three weeks until today. I think I'm finally caught up for at least the next half hour or so until I start dinner. Phew. What a cycle. I do like doing it though. Its one of those instantly gratifying things. I have NO idea how women with kids do this. Haha.

A good update is coming up soon. We'll have pictures and stuff.

The Colemans

p.s. Okay, I thought I would put a picture in here from this time last year at the FAIR!!! Ahh, I wish we'd been able to go this year, it was SO much fun. Maybe next though? And also...sorry about our faces. They normally don't look quite like that. The fisheye lens got us all a little funny :P