Oct 17, 2009

rainy weekends...

...do not make for productive wife days. Yesterday i found myself doodling silly things

when i had piles of laundry just aching to be cleaned, which i typically don't mind, because i love the smell of my Tide Cold Water. Maybe weird? But it is sooooo goood!
(also: i realize most women would probably laugh at this pitiful pile. trust me...it had already been dealt with largely by the time i took this picture)

bug i also had pretty white canvases begging to be painted:

"paint me mindy....PAINT me!"

And really...who can resist that? So i pulled out (what is left of) all of my pretty paints

and made pretty pictures for our walls :)
i like them. well...if i had to do the raincloud again, i think i'd change him. But the sun makes me so glad :D they're little indians! and i know you cant really see it, but the raincloud has little baby indian drops under her. daniel liked them. and i like them. so they are worthy to go up in the coleman home!

THEN i became totally engrossed in this website with super delicious food on it called pioneerwoman.com. aggghhhhh. she has these beautiful truffles on it that i am going to make for Daniel's birthday Thursday. Shhhh. Don't tell him, though ;)

And then I realized that I needed to make my OWN dinner and stop daydreaming about all of the yummy things I wanted to make before my husband came home from work. And I actually am off to do the very same thing now.

Tonight is creamy shrimp with corn and bacon. It needs a better name, but looks heavenly. Yum yum yum.


  1. How was the creamy corn and shrimp?

  2. not bad! daniel loved it. i was hoping it would have a little more pizzazz, though. more spices next time!!!

  3. I love the pioneer woman!! I'm literally on her blog every day. AND she was featured in the most recent country edition of People magazine which means...I bought my first ever People!! Yes, slight obsession, but I don't have many.
    Chris and I really want to have you guys over...it might be awhile though since soon we will be HOMELESS!! But know that we say it every time we see you guys "aw, let's have them over"...