Oct 10, 2009

We Are Married Now. :)

I think I speak for both of us in saying that we are SO glad to be finally married. Today is October 10th, which was the original date for our wedding and it would have been a beautiful day - but I'm glad we bumped it up the whole month and five days. It seems like we've been married forever and ever already. And its so much fun :)

My brain is in complete overload right now. There are tons and tons of pictures that I want to post all at the same time.

This is our living room about 5 minutes after we got back from honeymooning in Asheville:

And this was waiting for me on our fridge :)

Aaaand this is the lens i FINALLY just mustered up the nerve to splurge on:

Because of this (its small, i know. my bigger one didn't want to load):

Daniel is (possibly) studying right now. We are taking a break to catch up on The Office. Soon.


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  1. Aw I love you guys...this is SO taking me back to our early days. Love the LENS!!! And the photography label!