Nov 7, 2009


Daniel is in our office working on 'school papers' that will only take 15 minutes which OBVIOUSLY means that he is doing something wonderful for my birthday tomorrow!

I'm such an assuming wife. But seriously, its the only logical explanation...He put an empty trash can in front of the me, i guess? tehe :)

So other than waiting for my office-dweller, I just finished painting a cute little bread box while watching 3 1/2 episodes of Pushing Up Daisies - which seems like far too much time to paint such a small thing. We bought to turn into a little self contained charging station for our cell phones and HOPEFULLY my camera bag and lenses...I think it will all fit.

ALSO: on a completely unrelated note: we have decided we're writing a book. I don't know EXACTLY how its going to go yet. It will probably just be for fun and be for us and our family, but the only for sure thing is that it will be awesome!!!

So happy sunday tomorrow. Oh, and Christmas songs were on the radio today. I drove to the mall and heard The Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bell Rock and All I Want for Christmas, and that War Is Over song...maybe thats what its called. I got BACK in my car and heard War Is Over, Jingle Bell Rock (not even kidding) and The Little Drummer Boy AGAIN before I turned off the radio. Hmmm...hope this isn't a pattern, because I do love Christmas music as long as theres a LITTLE variety.


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