Dec 6, 2009

christmas is coming!

these are a few of our memory-building-first-christmas things...

 i am super excited about spending our first married christmas in our little apartment all snug as bugs :) my absolutely favorite decorating piece this year is my grandparents old nativity set! they've had it in there house as long as i can remember and i used to just lay down next to it and tell my grandma that that was the only thing of theirs i ever wanted someday...

so we set it up this past tuesday night for the very first time!

Theeeen Tuesday we roadtripped up to Boone to see the Flanigans and cut down a christmas tree! We got miserably lost on the way up. Of course we would. hahaha. I've only been to Boone like, 6 times, and we still get lost. But it was an adventure.

This is me trying to drive Daniel's car for the VERY FIRST TIME in 2 years while he studied on the way didn't last too terribly long :P

A road was closed so we decided to venture out onto a mountain road and after about 30 minutes - no joking - an angel on a tractor told us which windy turns to make for the NEXT half hour until we found ourselves in Blowing Rock, which for those of you who don't very close to Boone. Horrah! And our tree is wonderful and his name is Dead Ted. Only he is alive now that we decorated him with glowing lights and ornaments and love :)

As you can see, Daniel wasn't entirely sure at first that Ted was the right tree for us...

But he soon embraced him as our own :)

So here he is now...fully decorated.
Wait no, this is a sneak peek ;)

i am embarrassed that my christmas tree picture is BLURRY. and so it is better to not show you at all until i take a proper one, i think :)

The Colemans are singing delightfully cheery Christmas tunes and sipping hot cocoa and eating cupcakes. Ewww. Lots of cupcakes. I mean, the first 6 or so were good...we clearly need to have company over more ;)