Jan 24, 2010


Was fun :) We had lots of freezy adventures. Majorly freezing adventures. Charlotte actually felt warm-ish when we arrived back home. But it was so much fun to explore in another city and visit family. We saw the Long's new home, played with our adorable nephew, watched 1/8 of an inch of snow fall, ate yummy Cheeburger Cheeburgers. And Pepsi. Rode the worlds longest escalator in an aquarium aaand I also watched my very first James Bond movie ever, sooo...that's quite a weekend i'd say.

Thanks so much Tim, Bekah and Elijah for letting us spend a weekend with you all!

Now its life settling back into a new semester of 'normal' for us. And a new job for me, too!

Still working on those years worth of goals...hmm...

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