Jan 2, 2010

christmas. after. after.

which basically is saying that it is two days after christmas. (okay, i'm sorry. it WAS when i started typing this. happy new year, you all :)

this morning was frosty and fun (oh yeah. and FREEZING) and now its like, 60 degrees outside?

this weather will never make sense to me...

so this christmas was full of fun firsts:

first commissioned set of paintings (wrapped, here, obviously)

We Decorated Our First Christmas Tree

Made Christmas Ornaments with Maggie

And My Very First Christmas Morning Waking Up to This Handsome Face :)))

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmases! No school until the 11th. We're off to Chatanooga, TN to visit Bekah & Tim. Maybe I'll post before then...maybe not?

The Colemans


  1. too bad there's not a "like" button on blogs ;)

  2. Julie,

    I do not have permission to see you blog.

    pretty please? from your newest favorite niece?

  3. What a sweet Christmas tree...I recognize many of the ornaments :))