Feb 18, 2010

french press thursday.

We bought our first baby french press today.

He is beautiful.

And is basically like, our child, now. Since we don't even have a pet. just a bamboo stalk. And now our red Bodum french press :)

I also realize i said that i would be posting yummy recipes every thursday and i have a VERY good reason for posting nothing these past two weeks. Basically, they have been two weeks of lets-clear-all-of-the-food-out-of-the-fridge kind of weeks. And we've been very busy. And I've been not cooking QUITE so fabulous things. Well...thats a lie. We had amazing fondue Sunday night. But I can't talk about that right noooow because I smell delicious coffee in the other room!



  1. ooohhhh french press love. that's pretty much all zach and i make when it comes to coffee. and it's soooo delish! we have an electric tea kettle that luz gave us for a wedding present that makes french pressing it a snap! yes yes, we luvs our french press too. :)

  2. Oh man! remember your picture frames from the yard sale? and how you said you might put you and daniel's silhouette in them? but you had three and didn't know what to put in the third one? Well I think you should put a silhouette of your french press...since it's your child and all:)