Feb 13, 2010

our valentines story.

okay, so now that we're married, and this will be our third valentines day together, i think you all deserve to know how daniel and i really met. its unconventional. and its our love story :)

daniel and i met for the VERY first time at UNCC. i was not working as a college intern yet, but was 'head of advertising' which basically meant that i got volunteers to go out on campus with me with massive pales of chalk and we drew pretty pictures to advertise for different M28 events and such. Two of the people i was with in August of '07 both happened to know Daniel and introduced us. I thought he was soooo cute. and he was a drummer. I always had liked drummers. So we met and he told me about his band and how they had just gotten back from their tour that summer and we said goodbye and didn't talk for another 6 months.

THATS when i think some pictures from a girls trip we took to asheville showed up in his facebook newsfeed and he commented on the following pictures:

As well as a few others i couldn't find, but it was enough that you kind of start feeling obliged to respond to a person, you know? And he had asked questions about where we'd taken them and such, i didn't think there could be any harm in that. So we talked a little back and forth for about a week, and i woke up february 14th, and was like 'you know what, i think if i posted on my facebook status that someone should meet me at starbucks on my lunchbreak today - daniel would come.' which is SO unlike me, by the way. i've never done anything like that before. AND i also wasn't thinking that it was Valentines Day. No one believes me when I say that. So, i did it. And long story short, Daniel came :)

We obviously don't have any pictures from that first coffee date. We actually didn't have any pictures for several months afterwards either. And the starbucks we'd initially gone to has since closed. But the following Valentine's Day, we went back to the empty building where it had been and took a 'first date' picture. Kind of a 'he said she said' sort of thing.

She said (according to Daniel):

He said (haha. also according to Daniel):

ALSO on that Valentine's Day (the second one. the clarify), he told me he loved me and he's loved me ever so long and i told him i loved him to and then he texted his mom and my dad this:

And now on our THIRD Valentines Day, we will have been married 5 1/2 months. We've opted out of going out tomorrow evening. We're having a dress up night at home and will make fondue together. yum yum yum. But not before we visit a Starbucks first. And we've traditionally worn the same outfits the past two years. I think we'll shoot for a third? That may sound strange. Don't mind us. We're saps.

What are everyone elses plans for VDay? Family, out with the boy/husband etc?

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