Feb 21, 2010

there is a difference...

between dishwashing soap and liquid. Or...wait. Maybe I'm still a little confused. All I know is that i have made a terrible, horrible mistake between the two somehow.

tip no. 1 - never add more of a supposed detergent just because you like the lavender smell of the soap. ummmmm no. bad idea.

tip. no. 2 - if you are going to bubble up your dishwasher, be sure you sweet parent-in laws are right around the corner to help you escape the mass of suds you've created.

because, i mean...this was only the beginning...


  1. oh my. yes. i just did the same last month... the classes housewife what (not) to do. but. i guess i feel like maybe everyone really DOES have to do it once... even if youve been running dishwashers your whole entire life.

  2. heYYYYYYY!!!!!!! that kinda made a <3!!!!!!!! =D

  3. That's sooo funny... when Nathan's mom was over helping me set up the kitchen this week, we put a regular dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher and it did the same thing. At least our floor is clean. =)