Mar 4, 2010

alfredo, anyone?

okay, its been a week.

well, most recently (like today) iiiii went to work --- i am still doing everyones taxes, except for my own, so far. went to the bank, dropped in on my sweetsie man at work because i just couldn't beaaaar being away from him from 9-6. agghh. and he sold me red spraypaint. way to go, daniel :)

which lead me to painting a picture frame i'm going to use on an engagement shoot soon. and a super cute owl trivet
i got at value village and rearranging my kitchen. and making a nice little goodwill pile.

by then i was tired. i looked at the ironing that needs to be done and thought 'mmmmm...nope!' and read a book instead. Aaand then i primed a few canvases. And looked up delicious recipes to make which leads me to right now :)

Bowtie pasta with deeeelicious creamy alfredo sauce & crab. & broccoli.

HALF of what makes this so mouthwatering is the homemade alfredo sauce. Thats the only way i can eat the stuff. Call me a snob. But canned alfredo leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

get a pot of water boiling for your little bowties :) and add pasta

no. 2
begin work on cutting up your veggies which in this case is:

*and i would have added grape tomatoes if i hadn't used them all for my eggplant pizza the night before...
*imitation crab (not a veggie) but it is so tasty.

no. 3
begin work on your alfredo sauce

Alfredo Sauce
*1/2 cup of butter
*2 garlic cloves -- minced (remember what i said about garlic cloves)
*2 cups of heavy cream
*1/4 teaspoon of white pepper (which i dont have. regular old pepper didn't seem to hurt a thing!)
*1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese
*3/4 cup of mozzarella cheese

these measurements make about 6 servings of sauce. you can find the original recipe here and they'll convert the measurements if you like.

no. 4
Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium/low heat.

add in your garlic, cream and pepper and let it come to a simmer -- stir often

no. 6
add in your parmesan cheese and let simmer for another 8 minutes or so? or until your sauce has thickened a bit.

add mozzarella and stir frequently until it has melted and is smoooooth.

OH! so thats the sauce. but for this particular recipe -- first off, do you know by now that i don't follow directions precisely? i just kind of add the portions of ingredients that i particularly feel like. or according to what is in my fridge. it works! about 98% of the time...

but for this, once i added the mozzarella, i also added my cut up broccoli and imitation crab too to warm everything up. once your broccoli turns a little greener and bright, you are free too eat!

top off your pasta with your prize alfredo sauce. and make triple helpings for husbands.

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    1. I tried this recipe last night and it was super yummy! I was surprised by how much it made! I don't think I'll ever buy the jar stuff again!! Thanks Chef Mindy!

      ~a faithful reader ;)