Mar 14, 2010

slacker. slacking. slackness.

so, anyways...i missed my thursday recipe day again. but i totally have a good reason.
i know exactly the recipe i want to post. it is delicious buttery, sugary goodness.
but i forgot to take a picture when we made it for the second time in a week this past thursday.

but when i made it for the THIRD time last night -- i remembered. but i'm sitting in my comfy cozy bed reading blogs and not really feeling like finding my camera and uploading things tonight.



hope you all have had a most excellent spring break -- for the college and under age. umm...hope the rest of you had a great work week?

this is our last official spring break, too, by the way. two more months of school, lord willing and daniel will be free of school and on to full time working.

fun fact -- or majorly sad fact. depending on how you look at it:
the battery in this laptop i am on is essentially dead. meaning that my laptop is essentially an invalid. it needs to be plugged in 24/7 .or it dies. thats why we have our Big Mac (haha. get it? daniel is rubbing off on me way too much) now. soooo yes. it sits on the side of our bed - plugged in - all the time.

all that to say. i'm sharing one of our most watched hulu videos instead.
i dont know why i like it so much. it stuck a funny chord?

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