Mar 16, 2010

spring cleaning.

daniel is off at school today. and spring is quickly coming.
i have just been itching to do a clean sweep on our little house. going through closets, drawers, etc...
it is so much fun :)

todays major event:
operation ebay

i like shoes. lots. and i have a fair number of shoes -- a lot of that is because my feet have been the same size since 8th grade and you always keep good shoes. they last (obviously) for years and years.

daniel only has four pairs - maybe five? if you include slippers. and really needs some new ones for work, sooo...
i am selling two pairs of my shoes in hopes of then being able to buy him one.

tehehe. this is how things start to work when you're married and in school.
wish me luck.

this is going to be a summer project. love love love.


  1. Oh, man I love that too! Where will you find the embroidered pieces??
    Let me know what your ebay name is so I can look up your shoes :) Pretty sure we wear the same size (7-7 1/2)...?

  2. forgive me but this is that crazy girl who messaged you about the dishwasher, I just love newlywed blogs.. but I wanted to say I love that decor, My husband and I have a embroidered piece similar to that one that says "God Bless our Pad." it was from urban.

    heres my blog too :)