Apr 1, 2010

first major fail. but sunny weather makes all better :)

i adore springtime. you may think im mad - but i love carolina summers too. the humid, muggy weather that is still FAR cooler than phoenix summertimes. anything to be in sundresses again when it comes right down to it...

So, yesterday I was talking about these granola bars I was going to make...

Guys... they turned out AWFUL! I tried working around some of the bitter taste this morning by eating it with yogurt -- daniel liked it pretty well, but it was hardly bearable. i loath oatmeal anyways (agghh. im sorry. i know. im trryyying to change) and it tasted like oatmeal. bitter oatmeal. eww. i think i am going to take this recipe and another recipe and maybe combine them AND i am adding honey to it next time. i improvised with my lack of ingredients yesterday, so i'm sure that didn't help either (i.e. soy instead of skim, not NEAR enough fruits...or almonds)  but i mean, seriously, who would have thought it could ever be bad from the picture below?! 

So...first major fail in almost seven months. There are worse things.

Since that is down the toilet - i cannot possibly let you all make that. In honor of springtime:

Make yourself  a yummy salad.

This almost feels like a stupid thing to post - but maybe not everyone makes salads like this. We had it last night. The red potatoes make it more filling, too.

Umm, yeah. Lettuce or green leaves of some kind are always good
Goat Cheese. (yuuuuuum)
Caramelized Onions (i fried them in olive oil and a little brown sugar - especially if your using yellow onions - it sweetens them up a bit)
2 or so Red Potatoes cubed
Salt Pepper

All I really need to tell you to do is:

no. 1
Cut your onions in slices - and toss in a pan with a tablespoon or two of brown sugar and olive oil on medium/low until they're cooked - and if you're me, maybe just a liiittle burnt.

Cube your potatoes and add about 1 tsp each of curry and paprika. 1/4 tsp of salt and pepper. And olive oil. mix and place on a baking sheet in the oven  at 400 degrees until tender - probably 20-25 minutes?

no. 3
Combine all & enjoy :)
With your choice of dressing, of course.


  1. sorry about the granola bar fail, boo! better luck next time.

    that salad looks fantastic though! LOVE goat cheese.

  2. I meant to post this oatmeal bar recipe the other day for you guys. Try this recipe. It's healthy and they taste great.