Apr 28, 2010

lately, i haven't been posting. for no reason really. things are just getting busy.
spring is [kind of] here. & my tomato plants are poppin! our little patio is going to be a jungle soon with all of these plants growing around us :)

lately i've been thinking - if there were a possible way to keep chickens here, i totally would. fresh eggs have been sounding so wonderful lately. and i mean, thats the way pets are supposed to be i think - the kind you can get food from? [although i wouldn't be opposed to a dog someday]

aaanyways, i found the cage that we are going to let our chickens live in. it is fantastic. from chicken cribs. they also cost more than 200 dozen eggs. sooo…i think maybe we could make one. thats why i have a Lowe's boy, after all :)

it was…interesting. i was hooked. i wont get into talking about all the things i didn't agree with [global warming] - but i liked it. i was most inspired to start composting our trash - probably about the same time as we get our chickens. or at least a yard. i'm not sure i really want to do that indoors. the guy in the movie had tons and tons of flys infiltrate his indoor compost bin and plant little baby flys in it. ewwwwwww. besides, daniel won't let me store trash in our apartment. or worms.

tomorrow i have a yummy general tso chicken recipe to share. it was delish. & i am stuffed. hope all of my cyber-pals are doing well :)

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I came across reading your old posts. Love your blog! Question though, if it's not too much to ask, would you explain to me your reasoning for not believing in global warming? Is it a religious thing? I'm just being my curious self. If you don't want to get into it, totally understand just thought I'd ask :)