Apr 29, 2010

of general tso chicken & other things

today was farmer's market weather. & holding babies weather. & being with friends weather.

so thats what i did :) & it was lovely. all of the delicious tomatoes there made me excited for my little tomato friends to bloom & grow. *hurryhurryhurry*

i've never grown tomatoes before - on my own. i've puttered around in my moms garden a very little bit. & i figured tomatoes are resilient & fairly easy to grow. so this is my first step towards becoming a little green thumb. i've spent the past few minutes looking up how to prune them. because i didn't know that, either. they look nicer than the pictures already. it scared me snipping off their little branches. i felt like i was doing something really horrible. hope it was worth it…

this is a tiny view of our apartment -- just for fun.

and THIS is general tso chicken that is JUST LIKE the yummy restaurant kind. i made a TON of it. for daniel & i, my perries, garrett & grandparents also. it was an all around hit. & super filling. those bites of chicken are deceptively large…

tonight, i am trying something new…here is the link. our little home is in dire need of tidying. if i have time later i will type it all out. the only thing i changed in the recipe was i used red wine instead of cooking sherry, & no dried red chili peppers. i added about 1/8 tsp of crushed red pepper instead - if you like a little kick at ALL though, i would recommend the chili peppers. or more red pepper. Ours was more on the sweet end of the scale.

they also say cornstarch…i used it this time, because i'd never used this recipe before - next time i'm trying flour, though. I don't really see how it would make much of a difference.

Enjoy your fridays. & weekend. etc.

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  1. wow! that looks REALLY good!!!! gee thnx =P now you're makin' me hungry. haha!