Apr 15, 2010

What to Doooooo...

okay guys.
umm…probably MOSTLY ladies, though. just because i would assume mostly ladies are reading this.

i think i should post about something other than food every once in awhile.
so today isn't about food after all. like i said. i am all fooded out. (this happens when there is a sink full of dirty dishes in your kitchen)

sooo, you all should help me.
what should i blog about? AND i checked my comment box settings and everything because i know some people have mentioned that they have an awful trouble trying to comment *ahemmom*

so far i have… fun date ideas. lizzy had mentioned this awhile ago. daniel & i have had some fun ones. i think at least :)

our little home has been bustling with business lately, BUUUT that is totally fine because there is an end in sight to the whole full time working & full time school dealio & we are celebrating by going on a CRUUUUISE!!!

I've never been. I am getting one of those patch things. & maybe even wearing seabands. i would err on the tend-to-get-motion-sickness side. that will not happen this time though.

this does mean that i need good book suggestions. or else i will be re-reading all of my harry potters & they are heavy. hmm…ipad you are sounding so good right now.
any ideas?

this picture of daniel is just because. i found it on my computer today. please dont mind us and our funny little ways :)


  1. Yes! Cruises are so fun! But wait-are you going with your husband? You are supposed to spend time with him and not reading silly lol. But if you must, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers was a great book. Its a Christian romance. I am NOT a reader and I couldn't put this down, so good!

  2. Oh well we'll definitely get some together time :)))
    No worries there.
    Someone else was seriously JUST telling me about that book. Thats one i should get, then.

  3. okay nothing else to say...except my kids said that Daniel looks like Jesus in that picture

  4. I AGREE! maybe i shouldn't think thats so funny…but it totally is.

  5. we just said the same thing then we read Eileens comment..ha..oh well I did learn to comment:)