May 23, 2010

home again!

oh home sweet home :)
vacations are wonderful. & it also makes coming home its own kind of paradise. i will share a little more soon.

our very favorite moments were sitting out on the deck each night & reading & talking & watching the sun set surrounded by deep blue ocean in every direction. i will miss that.

but like i said, being home & seeing family is already so wonderful. actual life is beginning again.

i have forgotten nearly everything i had learned & was planning on for our month of fun foods next month. i am more excited than ever about this. this morning we were awakened by an intercom at 6:30 telling us it was OUR turn to leave the ship...10 minutes later we were in our CRV. still mostly asleep. we went through charleston & realized how hungry we were. the funny thing about the drive between charleston & charlotte is that there is about a 50 mile stretch of NOTHING but trees on both sides of the freeway. no food. just stray gas stations. & trees. & i did not want mcdonalds. i repeat - i did not want mcdonalds. so we passed one. & then passed absolutely nothing else for miles & miles until we found another mcdonalds. where we stopped. its been over 12 hours & my belly is still reminding me that i should not have ate mcdonalds. bleck.

tomorrow i am trying to go grocery shopping before i make a serious plan. & making granola. mmmm mmmm good :)

don't think i'm completely mad - but this is on my reading list for the summer:

yeees. so in addition to chickens, cows have actually struck my fancy. it all began when we went to the sweet womans house we ended up getting our wedding flowers from. she had a brown cow. i loved it immediately. i'd never been so smitten with one before. but really, its only a natural thing. i couldn't escape my country roots forever. bring on the old cowboy boots! & the games of horse shoes!  & chickens & cows!

there are just two things i will never do:
listen to country music (taylor swift doesn't count)
or pull out a shotgun to rid our house of pesky woodpeckers (i'm not even going to tell you if that is a factual thing or not)

 (& no, daniel. its not for eating.)

i know theres a lot of work going into keeping a milking cow. & there would need to be some amount of land. our patio is out of the question for now. i've been researching some. & its just so fasinating. & my husband is not opposed to the idea either - since we can't decide on any other animals we would ever want (he isn't crazy about dogs. i feel the same about cats. so those are both probably out of the question. for awhile at least) but we will see. this would not be a hasty decision ;)

awwwww :)


  1. Glad you all had a fun trip!!
    I don't think you are crazy, we are looking for land to buy so we can have a ranch/organic farm/plantation...maybe we can be neighbors :)

  2. you do know that cows have been my FAV since I was two??? I just want a calf instead of an engagement ring lol