May 7, 2010

spring haitus & raw foods.

lately, i haven't spent much time blogging. mostly because i can't help but think daniel is the only one that ever reads it, but you know what - thats good enough for me. oh, and my dear friend cait, too :)

lots of business has been going on:
- taking pictures of this awesome girl
- & this awesome couple (they gave me strawberries from their strawberry picking trip. umm...they are they greatest. anyone else is welcome to do such things. anytime.) i want to start thinking to do thoughtful things like that.
- daniel has five more days until he is done with school FOREVER
- 8 days until graduation
- 11 days until our cruise!!!

& on that note: i have been craving vanilla yogurt for weeks & weeks on end and can NEVER find it (seriously, with all of the 'healthy' foods everywhere don't people know that they should have frozen yougurt everywhere. psh.) buuuuut Daniel was looking at our crusie info and they have frozen yougurt. all.the.time. i am going to eat it at least 4 times a day. for 5 days.

we are coming home & starting June 1st we are going raw.
dum da dum dum!

okay, not completely. i have about 12 reasons why we are not going to (probably ever) be 100% raw eaters:

no. 1 you have to remember, 8 months ago, my boy was living off of frozen pizzas. & steaks. you can't make meat eating men NEVER eat meat. i won't do that to him.
no. 2 i just ordered a cow & i am super highly anticipating hamburgers & london broil & all such yummy things on summer evenings. & i love fish o so much.
no. 3 i don't have time to make our own milk, cheese, etc right now. I'm doing good to have a clean house with dinner (almost) on the table every evening.
no. 4 no black tea?!?

All of that said - we will be at least 50% raw everything.

I don't know exactly how much people out there know about the concept of eating raw foods but these three sites are really good sources -

Hallelujah Acres - and they are actually based out of Shelby, NC! which i think is awesome. They have seminars up there the first saturday of every month.  

The Best of Raw Foods

& Living Foods

Basically, if you don't want to take the time to rifle through all of the links - (i'm still learning about this, so if something is off, correct me)

if you were to eat 100% raw foods, nothing would be cooked. The vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts etc…that you eat contain enzymes that help you to digest & absorb your food - once you cook those foods (beginning around 106 degrees but definitely once you have reached 116 degrees) you lose a LOT of those nutrients & enzymes that are so good for you. Raw foods are also important to help keep your body at a good alkaline balance (ph 7.36). & for life. Its eating foods the way God has given them to us.

I'm going to make out a list of foods to shop for:

Right now, this is kind of how I'm thinking its gonna look:

Breakfast, snacks & lunch: Lots of leafy greens, nuts, fruits, no caffiene. whoops. does daniel know that part yet? no canned anything. No just-add-water type boxed foods. I am eating my fill of mac and cheese NOW, i can tell you that...

& dinners will be a little less crazy.We'll do meat - our beef is from grass fed cows, so thats fine by me, fresh eggs & if i can get chicken from someone local (& without all of the hormones) we'll do chicken, too. & at dinner we can do maaaybe pasta or bread as long as they are whole wheat. etc…

And i will blog about it here.

& tell you about how much i am dying to have french bread & mac&cheese. & also how many times i slip up.

the only exception will be if we go over to someones house for dinner. we've never been much of picky eaters, & i will definitely not start that now.


  1. um, for the record. i read your blog. and it makes me smile quite often. sorry, i'm just not very good at commenting. actually i've discovered that that is rather common. many people read blogs but don't comment much. (same for me with my blog) hmmm i think i shall resolve as of right now to try and comment more frequently on friends' blogs. it's nice to get comments, no? i think so. :)

    aaaanyway. have SO much fun on your cruise!! i'm definitely jealous. i can't wait to go on a cruise one day with my man.

    i decided that if zach and i lived near to you and daniel, we would invite you over for dinner whenever you were needing a little "unhealthy food fix" and serve you pizza and ice cream and brownies. but alas...

    hope the next 11 days fly by really fast for you!

  2. Besttt frozen yogurt ever and it's from trader joes!! it's plain, not vanilla but it's super good...

    and i read your blog!! love you babe!!

  3. I read your blog! It's one of my favorites - you're so creative and cute and newlywed, I love it. :)

  4. Crystal Jung mamaMay 8, 2010 at 7:35 PM

    I read you BLOG! Yay so There! I LOVE YOU! Your the best! I agree going 50% raw is the way to go should not be so overwhelming if you were to go 100% that would be hard.

  5. Courtney JohnsonMay 8, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    I read you! AND I'm ordering a cow :P

    I've been on a natural kick for several months too. Josh thought I fell off the deep end for a while. Maybe I have, because I actually want to buy a grain mill and juicer :)
    But seriously, local produce, raw dairy, sprouted flours, grass fed organic meat, cage free eggs, natural's all tangibly more amazing stuff.

    Oh. Try reading Nourishing Traditions, it's like...a manifesto.

    And Oh. If you go to the Food Inc website, you can download a directory of sustainable/organic/raw/whatever places near you.

    Okay I'll stop geeking out now.