May 17, 2010

T minus 1 = i have no idea what…but we're leaving tomorrow!!!

oh goodness. i am nervous & excited about leaving tomorrow. we haven't actually gone away for five days since we've been married…i can't remember what its like. i already miss home a little. but i'm sure that will be a short lasting thing :)

leaving for trips are CRAZY times!
im working on my third load of laundry
cleaning so we don't come home to messes (the worst feeling. coming home to messes)
paying bills
TRYING to work out medical bills…those will have to wait. ick.
going to the bank
cleaning our car - it is so happy now :) i didn't realize how icky dirty it had become
prepping ipods
trying to eat all of the perishable foods in our fridge.
& freezing others
emails. LOTS of emails.
make daniel's graduation announcements & sending
get daniel ready for his interview (aka ironironironstylehairtyingtiesphew)
& then i suppose we should pack later on tonight too…

but they are all exciting things. especially the cleaning the car part. YES im serious!

So completely unrelated to packing & leaving…DANIEL GRADUATED FOREVER & EVER!!!

there were SO many people! i kept on waving at some guy about three rows behind him - they both had beards. it was embarrassing. but this is REALLY him. the colored one :)

(this is really him, too)

& this is the building among many buildings that he will never have exams at anymore. or lectures. or need parking passes for. or anything else unless we just want to go & reminisce & talk about how we met there.

I have lots of food things to talk about too…but that just has to wait until we get home.

Hope you all enjoy your weeks! I'll be back Saturday :)


  1. i totally understand what you mean about coming home to a mess. if at all possible, i definitely try to clean - or at the very least, TIDY - the house before we leave on any sort of trip. it is such a nice feeling to walk in the door when you get home and the house is clean/picked up. amazing what a difference it makes. i think it takes the edge off the trip ending... and the unpacking/laundry that you know lies ahead... :)

  2. Congrats to Daniel!!! And have a fabulous trip!!