May 28, 2010

strawberry jam.

yesterday we decided to take advantage of one of our last mid-week days together & before daniel gets his 9-5 job. so we traveled down to ballyntine. for a movie (babies.) strawberry picking. a last minute trip to see daniels parents. & grandmom visiting. all of which were fun :)

strawberries were a little scarce yesterday (we are hitting the season at the end, i suppose) so it just took us longer to pick them. but now we have bunches. enough to make strawberry jam this morning adapted from this recipe. i got it stuck in my mind i didn't want to use pectin. & all of the comments about this particular jam said that it was MUCH to sweet with the called for 2 cups of sugar. & these strawberries were reaaaaally sweet anyways. so…you'll see below what i did.

Strawberry Jam

2 pints (4 cups) of sliced strawberries
1/3 cup of sugar (raw or cane)
1 small lemon (zest & juice)

no. 1
Combine sugar, lemon zest & lemon juice in a saucepan (big enough for all of your strawberries too!) on low heat until sugar is dissolved.

no. 2
add strawberries & continue cooking at a low heat until strawberries are (almost) completely broken down) as long as your heat is down low enough - you shouldn't have to stand over these. mixture will come to a boil. & that is good. check on your jam every 5-10 minutes & stir.

no. 3
once jam has thickened a bit & strawberries are broken down (about 40 minutes for me)

no. 4
pour into canning jars & let cool

mine is yum. let me know if you try this. it doesn't make a TON of jam. probably 2.5 cups? but if you have a bunch of strawberries around it is definitely worth the few minutes to make it!

sterilizing your canning jars:
if you are using ball jars, there are tips for sterilizing them on my link above. i washed mine with hot water & placed them in the oven at 175 for just a few minutes…


  1. babies!!!! strawberries!!! fuuun :)

  2. hahahahahaha. daniel + strawberry field + white v-neck t

    lol. oh the memories.