Jun 23, 2010

big dutch babies.

oh gosh. i am tired & uninspired so far this morning. waking up early is wonderful…from about 10am on. haha. its taken me almost 4 hours each day to fully wake up. some of it has probably been due to our overbooked calendar last week. so many months of not being able to do anything nites & weekends meant that as soon as we had them we planned something for every night. sometimes several things. oh. & i am so tired now. but it was fun :)

so…i'm not quite sure whats going to happen today. so far, tea isn't helping. i may need the help of something more…caffeinated?

all is going well over here. daniel is still plugging away at his new job. & LOVING it. i'm still adjusting to the huge schedule change & figuring out what to do with the 11 hours a day he's gone. umm…blog a lot?

we went to pop in the park with our perries for fathers day (& gbabes too). it was pretty sounding & relaxing & nice to be with family. (did anyone else go, too?) we brought TONS of food. tons & tons. it was great! we gorged ourselves on yummy things. (ummm…i had three brownies & a piece of chocolate cake. so now i no longer feel guilty, because you know. & really…that is why we try to eat super healthy at home. because i just can't help myself when desserts are around…it balances us out. or me. at least.)

this is the only picture we took that evening. daniel really likes clouds.

okay, so moving on. this post is feeling really fragmented, but i finally have more food to post about.

Big Dutch Baby Pancake
(also called a german pancake. but thats just not as much fun.)

we love these. its our favorite saturday morning food. they're just good.

you need:
1/4 cup of butter
4 eggs
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour (i used half whole wheat & half fluff)

no. 1
preheat your oven to 425. put your butter in a 9x13 pan & place the pan in the oven.

no. 2
crack all four eggs in a blender & blend for about a minute. add milk & pulse again until its all mixed in. then add your flour & mix for another 30 seconds.

no. 3
pull your pan out of the oven  (your butter should be melted by now) & pour batter over top of it. bake about 20 minutes or until your pancake is puffed & a golden color.

it will do weird puffy things in the oven - & that is very good. let it be :)

we also will typically half this recipe & use an 8x8 pan. the above should feed 3-4 people. 3 if you are very very hungry. 

& top with strawberries & bananas & other berries (& syrup). oh. & powdered sugar. like we always do.
or you could also try filling it with eggs, onion & bacon?

enjoy :)


  1. Have you ever made ebelskivers? You need a special pan, but they are SOOO good. They are round like little balls. I like to fill them with Nutella or apple butter or some other kind of jam or preserves. They're kind of our special 6-times-a-year Saturday morning treat.

  2. noooo! i've never heard of that!
    i'll have to look it up :)))