Jun 8, 2010

eight of june.

today i had my first little meltdown that daniel had to help me through. & he then went grocery shopping with me which made me feel 100x better. *phew*

and NO. it wasn't because i miss white bread so much. (oh. & in case anyone was wondering. i have been eating more bready things than i said we would. but they are all whole wheat, soooo…)

i was having trouble trying to plan meals for this week & felt like i was wasting my morning away on a slow brain. i am too much of an overachiever sometimes…& i had another sad encounter with wal-mart. i try to like it, i really do. i'm just…not a fan. a farmers market close by would be awesome. i'm so scared to drive downtown to trade & tryon. *shudders* its the one way streets that do it for me. MOMMY!!! HELP!

i'm actually thinking of starting to order some of our food online in bulk. some of it. that is almost seeming to be the easiest way. rather than searching grocery stores for items they don't have. just going to take a little while to get into the groove of it all.  i just need to start small, i suppose.

no. 1 on my list
making our own yogurt (first batch is fermenting now!!! agghhhh i can't wait! if it turns out i'll post the recipe i used) & once i get that down...
no. 2
i'm going to order kefir cultures & begin making kefir.
no. 3

once i actually do these things, i'll do a step by step for them. because i WISH i could find that somewhere. pictures pictures pictures. its so much easier for me. especially with things like these.

we also had our very first ripe baby tomato on saturday!!!
our patio is looking like a jungle. i love it.

hope everyone is enjoying whats left of this BEAUTIFUL tuesday. i'm off to the dixons to watch the season finale of 'glee' soon :)
can't wait!


  1. Don't give up if your first yogurt batch doesn't turn out. It took 4 times of me trying it getting it to where I liked the consistency. I added some Knox gelatin to mine to make it a little thicker, since it was pretty runny on its own. Worked well, but I will tweak it still for next go around.

  2. Oh man. Reeeeal yogurt. I don't think I have the stomach for it. ;)