Jun 15, 2010

first days + our wedding in the knot!

i sent this lil cutie off to work this morning. (which is now yesterday) no more paint stains on tshirts. just maybe some chic-fil-a sauce every now and then. & LOTS of ironing. oh gracious.

so he is off at his new manly man job. i teared up when he left this morning. (yesterday) & almost again today too. im going to miss not seeing him for lunchbreaks. but this is good change.

so…no work for me yesterday. just house clean up (& a few quickie crafts). i started a new batch of yogurt early in the morning. & some looong overdue scrub scrub scrubbing. & vacuuming. & laundry-ing. etc…our apartment is sparkling clean :) finally.

oh oh oh! soooo…we got our magazine!!! from the Knot North Carolina.
I love it. Our photographer - Lydia was beyond fantastic. We are so glad she was able to take our pictures. She captured our wedding beautifully. This is a really big deal for her, too, & we are glad :)
It was SO strange seeing us in it. & my cake topper too! yay!
It still doesn't seem quite real. We went with my parents last night to books-a-million to buy a copy for my grandparents & we started looking through it…& kept looking. & looking. at one point all five of us were huddled around the wedding magazines flipping through pages trying to find our wedding! We finally realized that they haven't put out the fall/winter edition yet. Ha. I was beginning to think they just sent us a few copies with our page & left it out of the regular print :P
So it may be a bit longer before we can rush any bookstores for copies…aaaaanyways. that was exciting. & the little excerpt they wrote about us was hysterical. It actually was better than i thought from when their editor called me to check facts for it & all. It just made us sound like total cheeseballs. But i guess we kind of are…Theres just no way you can capture each couples unique story in a paragraph. Not truly. 

So yes. Here it is :)

Off to work today. I have more things to gab about later :)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!


  1. So proud of Daniel and so glad God brought you two together...You're both sooo amazing

  2. your wedding looked spectacular. so jealous! haha