Jun 5, 2010

five of june.

this morning we went out to pick blackberries nearby our home. we ran into my grandpa while we were out. the one that lives in oklahoma (SO WEIRD!!!) apparently he & my grandma just got in town late last night for garrett's graduation today. & he was just driving around. & they have a new suburban which was part of the reason i didn't completely recognize him at first. & then we all talked about blackberries & he showed us the different kinds of grass that were in the field we were all standing in :)

okay. well that was some fun news. here is some MORE good stuff :)
the website of awesome info that also isn't tedious to read. (don't laugh)
i also have NO idea now how i found it. i think i was looking into raw milk, actually…

Keepers of the Home.

don't look at JUST the most recent post & exit the page. you can find info about gardening, making your own yougurt & keifer, links to find local farmers markets, shopping lists, cloth diapers, organizing & just about everything i've needed in the past couple days i've found there. i don't know why i put cloth diapers on my list. i starred that post away for later ;)

one list they had here i found probably the most helpful. while i'm trying to figure out what i really should buy organic & what fruits & veggies are minimally affected by pesticides because of their thicker skin. you should really click on the link. really. but if you aren't, here are just a few examples.

So, products we'll be buying organic would be:
Peaches, Apples, Bell Peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Kale, Leafy Greens, Grapes, Carrots, Pears, Potatoes

while some other fruits & veggies may be pretty okay.
Like Onions, Avocados, Sweet Corn, Pineapple, Broccoli, Mango, Asparagus, Sweet Peas, Kiwi, Tomato, Cabbage, Eggplant, Papaya, Watermelon and Sweet Potatoes.
By following both of those lists for organic/non-organic products, you can reduce you intake of pesticides by 80%.


  1. I'm loving all these posts! I like learning how to eat more "whole" and "organic" from others who do the research! You'll be glad you took the time now to learn all about it... once you all have kiddos of your own, you'll probably be even more motivated to eat well, yet have less time to research it. Keep the info coming :)

  2. Oh, but I'd love to see pics and hear about your cruise too!!

  3. Mindy! I just got back from the Farmers Market in Queen Creek and it totally made me think of you! I found some steals on fresh, local grown produce (not everything was organic) and it was so fun! Pick your own peaches AND fresh kettle corn... um heck yesssss! Miss you!

  4. Your posts..make me so hungry!!! :) love them.