Jun 30, 2010

house hunters.

daniel & i have been swept up into this grown up world since we've been married. of paying bills & calling about incorrect bills & cooking & cleaning & working & thinking about families & 'when do we go to your folks for holidays & when do we go to mine?', & where are we going to move when our lease is up in two months?…the latter question is the funnest right now.

we have been thinking for sure that we would rent for at least the next year - but just in the past two weeks, or so, after running some numbers - the idea of purchasing a home presented itself (if we found the absolutely perfect one)…so i looked some things up & my realtor dad looked some things up & we went around to all of these quaint little houses (MAJOR gut job kind of places).

house no. 1 was built in 1914 & had all of the original fixtures, which were AWESOME, but when you stepped on the floor wrong it felt like the whole house was shaking. & that made me dizzy. then we realized…it didn't just FEEL like the house was shaking. it genuinely was. after a few hesitant steps up the stairs we hit a wall of 95 degrees + humidity. in about 2 steep stair steps.

okay. goodbye little house!

house no. 2 had the most darling backyard i've ever seen. i can't even explain it. i think a sweet, eccentric old man had lived there at some point. but he had made this cute walking trail that leads you around grapevines & a swing out in the middle of the woods & a large creation of his that was covered in old ball jars. but the actual house…ummm…next.

house no. 3 was the one that i had loved from the moment that we saw it online. & we loved it 1000x more the second we walked it. it felt like home. & was exactly what we'd had in mind & tons & tons more. it had us from the moment we said 'hello cute house'. which i did say the moment we pulled in the driveway. yup. i was sold then. but the bad (& good part) is that she is a sweet old lady house. she is 92 years old. & has a story to tell. she has seen world wars & depressions & has probably had a tv rolled into her living room to watch i love lucy. shes seen kids grow up & leave to houses of their own. its such a beautiful home. we've tried so hard not to become completely attached. we thought we were holding things at an arms length - we thought we would be…disappointed, but ultimately, grateful, if the lord worked things out differently than we wanted. so that is when we took both of our parents there yesterday & the house was being shown already. daniel could practically see little fireworks sparking out of my head. all of the awful red-head stories he's heard are sometimes, sometimes true. they had renovators pulled up & looking things over & were pacing all over the place, so it was clear they just weren't casual lookers either. its funny how you can become so defensive over something that isn't even your own yet. 

my dad was right. you really see a persons character when you're buying (or trying to buy) a house. there are so many letdowns & complications. it pulls at our heartstrings so strangely. yesterday it hurt to even think about being anywhere else. that is so silly sounding. we are pure sentimentalists. to the core. so we've prayed. & we've applied for loans & we've done a bit of inspecting with a bit more later on today. (the situation with this house is really quite irregular, so inspections come first…that never happens. god wants me to grow in patience, because i totally just want them to know we want this house, & to place an offer in on it before anyone else can…)

but i guess all of that to say that we woke up this morning - & i still have to check myself, but we feel better about everything. whatever that everything ends up being. its fun that we can even look at houses now anyways. so…we're in the house hunting stage right now. maybe it will be to rent for a while longer. maybe it will be this house. maybe it will be one that would fit us even better.

maybe we'll go to papua new guinea.

SORRY MOM! i shouldn't just say those things :P i don't think we're planning on that right now.

so…sorry for a long post with no pictures. i just couldn't post a picture of it. it would make me too excited. enjoy this beautiful overcast wednesday!

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