Jun 11, 2010

I finally have some of our pictures from our cruise/bahamas.
it relaxes my bones just thinking about it again :)

i think of "Empire State of Mind" whenever i look at this picture. i think its the palm trees. although…there are no palm trees in new york. try to explain that one…

we read bookies a LOT. daniel actually read his twice. because mine was massively long. & so very good. but heartwrenching. part of the time. oh, but it did end very well :) at the finish of over 600 pages i was pleased. 

from close to - but not QUITE the front of this boat because otherwise i would have been doing -

- this instead of reading. all the time.
p.s. if you type in 'titanic flying' in google about 600 of these pictures pop up. agghhh. it makes me want to watch it again sooooo much!!! but anyways…

we also ate a LOT. this is me after i thought i could eat two separate meals for lunch. i should have stuck with the mongolian bbq. only.

this is us on fancy dinner night. i underpack. so this is fancy. yes.

a massive growth we found in Atlantis. 
Taylor Swift had a concert there the NEXT week. i wanted to gooooo. i was even willing to camp out in front of this massive guppy for a week to see her. well…maybe. ehhh. i'll wait 'til she's in charlotte again.

beauuuutiful atlantis. we walked all over it. i don't know that we were really supposed to - but oh it was lush :)


  1. Loved the pics! Was looking forward to seeing them and...it is FORMAL dinner night silly girl!

  2. that picture of the fish behind you is not real.

  3. love these pics...you guys look better than Leo and Kate!!!