Jun 9, 2010

nine of june.

oh guys, my yogurt turned out goooood :)
at least, for the very first time ever making it, i was pleased.

i love thick yogurts (chobani greek yogurt is the best thing EVER. you will never go back) though, & this one (or two) just have a normal yogurt consistency. which i had expected, so it wasn't a letdown. they sat in my oven with the light on for about 9 hours to keep them snuggly warm :) as you can see. then we put them in the fridge overnight.

this is what it looked like this morning. you can't really see past the fruit. we added a bit of honey to it, too. since its plain. (i will post the recipe sooooon)

also, i have found exactly what my kitchen needs for life & happiness & for my sanity. it's tricky trying to fit everything into an apartment!

the one thing i DID get at walmart were these pint sized ball jars. oh my word. i bought them mostly so i'd have some smaller jars to put all of my dressings & mayo in - other than our massive jars ( you can see those in there too) but they stack PERFECTLY in our cabinets. i am completely in love. we have tons more cabinet space now. & i can see everything. 

every time i've walked past our kitchen in the past few hours i've just found myself wandering over to our cabinet & taking a peek in. such happiness for $6.50. if anyone else trys this & everything wont fit in a jar - designate a tippy top shelf in your cabinets to be your 'extra' cabinet. i have one up top. so glad you can't see it...
 now to take care of all of the other messes in there. mainly that upper shelf. sheesh.


  1. you make me want to make yogurt again...
    did you make it from nourishing traditions?

  2. no! there were SO many different recipes i found for it - it was completely overwhelming. i used one from tasty kitchen.