Jun 25, 2010

thank yous.

quite a few people have been asking me questions about all of this healthy eating daniel & i have found ourselves in.

i love talking about food. ummm…if its not incredibly obvious.
& i am NOT an awesome cook yet. maybe someday. but i guess im saying all of that to saaaay comment if i post on something that sounds weird or you want to know more about! & we'll talk :) its fun for me.

& thank you so much to all of the people who have left me comments on here, & thru facebook & emails that have given me little tips & ideas for food, places to shop, links to look at, etc…i REALLY appreciate it! i've tried commenting back on most of them, but if i missed you i'm sorry! i can never quite decide if i should respond back on here, so other people can see it, or facebook, or whatever else. so it was my indecision that stopped me ;)

& i'll post here…maybe in the next month or so…once i start to get into some kind of routine & let you all know what things are working…& what things aren't & where i'm getting things. etc…

okay thats all. enjoy your friday nights & weekends :)

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