Jun 2, 2010

two of june.

(this picture has nothing to do with anything im posting - i just can't stand having a post without pictures)

i am still trying to pull everything together for our raw foods. its just going to take time…

for the month of june (starting june 2nd since we blew it with our pizza escapade yesterday…)

*yoga for me. every morning.
daniel doesn't have to do this. i've just been wanting to be more consistent. its good for my back :)

*drinking LOTS of water
im starting with half of my body weight in ounces. i have never ever drank enough water. so i bought a massive ball jar & a straw that i will use at home & my pink camelback for not-at-home. both have ounces written on the side.

*whole wheat breads
& only once a day max in the form of whole wheat pitas, bread & maybe an occasional scone…)

*switching to organic dairy products 
technically, if are eating only raw foods, you don't eat dairy (say whaaaaat?!) i tried finding local places i can buy raw milk - unsuccessfully. so organic of these things will do just fine for now. & you can get them for the same price as regular yogurts & milk (almost). a lot of websites have coupons. harris teeter & several others will double them. try stonyfield for starters. theres lots of others i cant think of right now…

*meat from grass fed cows & free range chickens
…maybe some fresh fish too! (anyone up for a fishing trip?)

*lots of fresh veggies & fruits
some from farmers markets, some from our patio garden…i'm also going to try out this produce group in charlotte. its in season, local produce you pick up 2x a month (i only wish it was more). they have everything in a basket for you you just grab & go. i'll see how it works & let you all know.

*making my own…
mayo (which i just tried last week), jams, salad dressings etc… that way i know exactly whats in all of our condiments & toppings & there are no extra preservatives or anything else to prolong shelf life. i mean, in what world should mayo be good for TWO years.

so, all of this means that for breakfast we will be eating lots of:
*granola & organic yogurt (by the months end i'll hopefully be making my own…)
*fresh, range free eggs (probably poached because i like them that way) & whole wheat toast
*lotsa lotsa lotas smoothies (the only reason i really dislike smoothies is because cleaning my blender out is a pain) there are a few i am wanting to try including an avocado & lime smoothie. yummmm.

for lunch:
*LOTS of salads loaded with veggies & fruits
*raw veggies
umm…i cant think of anything else yet. i haven't been good about finding recipes so far this week, sooo…this is how its gonna work for now.

*we can eat meat (yes yes yes)
*i said i was still working on this. i have no idea what we're doing for dinner tonight…

more to come.


  1. Egg salad sandwiches are amazing for lunch! Don't know if you like them but I forgot about them for years and rediscovered them about 6 months ago. You can whip them up with your homemade mayo :)

  2. I am not sure if you have tried the magic bullet, but it is a great for smoothies it is fast and easy to clean. You can blend everything for your smoothie in the cup you drink it out of :)

  3. I use that produce group in Charlotte. I love it! I pick up in Huntersville. Usually the produce is great (I have gotten a rotten squash once) but if you want a complete list of what I picked up last week, let me know and I'll message you so you have an example. I have a yogurt maker too. They are only like $30 so you should pick one up and make your own yogurt! One last thing -- have you even made you own hummus? Because that's really good for you and it's delicious slathered on carrots and those pitas you were talking about with some cucumbers...

  4. You want to take care of your body? You do not like that feeling processed food gives ? How will you do this? lol <3

    PS. Your Friend jessica is right. You know I use the magic bullet for baby Augustine baby food. Um you need once you get a baby!! and Denas egg salad is yum yum.. Too bad I do not want eggs.. this baby says no no. I am sort of half vegan half not.:) Remind me to tell you about homemade flour!! OH MY oh MY!