Jun 2, 2010

whole wheat - you are not so yummy for my tummy.

okay. today is June 2nd.
& for our very first day of raw eating we had pizza for lunch!!! woohoo!

{clap your hands encouragingly & then tell us that we are friends, but also failures.}

well, that was a bad start. but today i am going to the farmers market. with my friend michelle. in 30 minutes. the pizza was really only because we are absolutely out of food other than granola supplies. & yogurt. & i mean, this is only half raw things. i have compiled a list that we will be sticking to & will post it later. for eating etc…

i feel like i absolutely forgot everything i had researched while we were on vacation. & then came home & immediately became a little sickie girl. (which IS awesome in the sense that daniel did dishes for me for almost the entire week! second vaca! yay!)

i'm still a bit under the weather. most of it is a dry cough, now. it was rather funny, because for 4 days i couldn't talk. so i would snap my fingers to get Daniel's attention & we played charades all week. well, & kind of pathetic, too.

oh. & my blog title.
so, first off - homemade wheat is SO much different than the kind you buy at the store. I will say that first. it is a thousand times better than white flour, but i've never been able to completely embrace the taste. & the density it brings. I can't explain it…
but my mom has a nutrimill, & we have a massive amount of wholegrain wheat in their garage, so i thought i would grind some & when we ABSOLUTELY needed bready things - it would be that. so i had my yummy jam that i wanted an excuse to eat  (other than spoonfuls at a time). so i thought i would start off by making just HALF whole wheat scones. to adjust. 1 cup white 1 cup whole wheat. substituted in agave nectar instead of sugar &&& it was not awesome. i may try again with a different recipe. i love the flakey deliciousness of scones & it just WASN'T THE SAME!!! not bad. just more bread tasting. like i said. i am going to try again. but with a different  recipe. ughhh. i can't even imagine if i'd used all whole wheat. gracious. if anyone has mastered whole wheat scones, please let me know.


  1. whole wheat pastry flour!!! I use it across the board, either alone or mixed with courser, harder wheat to make an all purpose kind of flour. I buy it bulk from Sprouts, but for sprouted, you'd just need organic SOFT white wheat berries and would mill it finely. Soft berries have lower protein (and gluten) content, so they're perfect for softer quick breads, pastries, desserts, pancakes, etc. It's the higher gluten found in hard wheat flour that make pastry dough tough, and the coarseness of the grind tends to affect a more "grainy" texture.

  2. I second the soft white wheat for baked goods like cookies, pastries, etc.

    Also, hard white wheat is less dense and has a milder flaver than hard red wheat. I noticed a world of difference when I accidentally bought hard red one time.

    And I have to agree that fresh ground whole wheat is so much better than the store bought variety. I think the store-bought kind tastes like cardboard. blech.