Jul 6, 2010

boone town.

so this past weekend, we went to boone for our friend chris's birthday celebration + fourth of july celebration. 

& this happened.

i'm sorry for all the people that never wanted to see a close up of my nose. i feel awkward about it. honest i do.

it was not a planned thing. although i guess you could say that i've been planning it since i was 15, but it wasn't planned. Girls came on the patio - said "hey, its a tradition that we go get piercings every year, what are you getting pierced?"

i said def. my nose.

& this is the shocker…
daniel said ok!

so we left. off to king street. one of my very favorite places. &&&

you better believe i read every single word before i signed my life away…
abi & gen both went first. i waited right outside & listened for screams. & i wanted to make sure they sterilized everything :P

 i am still smiling because i don't yet know what it feels like to have a nose pierced. (it really isn't that painful, though. & i cry when i get splinters if that tells you anything…)

i will spare you the picture where my nose is being attacked by a very long needle.

now it is all done. & i can sleep on my right side still, which is a nice surprise.

kids, don't go telling your parents that i told you it was okay to go get piercings now…i still had to ask my husband first ;)

we had much fun with the flanigans & fam. relaxing on the deck. eating & drinking & playing piggy, which daniel & i have formerly called skunk. setting off fireworks & a bonfire.

daniel is such a man.
he is trying to roast a marshmallow for me :)

these are the only two pictures i personally took. & they are on the way home with our ginger ale. i should have done more, but its nice to take a break from taking pictures & just enjoy the moments, sometimes.

i'll leave you all now. this week is very busy. very very busy.
hope you all had a wonderful 4th of july weekend! what did everyone do?

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  1. Haha, yeaaaaaahh... I remember getting my nose done. Wasn't particularly painful in the grand scheme of things. Gauging my ears was worse that the nose piercing. However, I can attest that childbirth was at least 1,000,000,000x worse than both of those things combined. Enjoy your new little stud!