Jul 14, 2010

design*sponge: i love yous.

Today is all about the pretty bathrooms I've been saving onto my computer the last few days.
just getting ideas :)
because that is one of my (hopefully) first projects before we move in.

i never ever would have thought an all white bathroom was pretty before today…but i may have to change my mind after looking at these.

Okay, so remember the beautiful beyond words pantry that i posted a few days back?
Below is their laundry room as well. I found out today that i actually have a LOT of pictures of their house saved on my computer. It was a completely unintentionally-creepy thing of me to do.
& they have a website. www.emersonmade.com where they sell lots of cutsy things. including that tiny little flag banner above their sink. i think i'm going to make one for our laundry room, too - at some point.
it just makes the idea of ironing so much nicer.
 they said its made out of wool felt, jute string aaand something else i forget. but how hard could it be?

we're also planning on duplicating this pantry. on a much less grand scale. we have room for a shelf in part of our future-laundry room. so i'm looking for a fun bookshelf to fit into the space. something fun & cheap & paintable :) but anyways…i will post all of those things as they happen.

all pictures via design sponge.

i hope this isn't boring for all of yous. it helps me at least to have all of my thoughts in one place.

be back tomorrow with a yummy recipe!

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