Jul 27, 2010

a few things you should know...

this rug project is taking me much longer than i had anticipated. for several reasons.
we are busy people. my back does not like leaning over the floor for hours at a time. the drop cloth i bought is MASSIVE. seriously. 9x12 is like…the size of a room. i dont know what i was thinking…but this is what i have so far. i am pleased with the way its turning out :)

maybe i can get our house back today. i was amazed how much a rug can swallow up our apartment.

here are a few more projects i want to make. i mean, i have all of this time at home while work is slow…why not?

loooove. ball jars for dishsoap & hand soap & every kind of soap i can think of…
i will be making several of these.

we have LOTS of wood floors…so rugs will be nice in the winter to keep my toes from freezing. i thought this was a fuuun idea. especially since i keep seeing these amazing UO rugs that are too tiny to fit into particular rooms…just sew them all together!

also, unrelated to house things...i am dyyying to make these!!!
after my rug is done. & our house is closed…this is my tippy top priority.
ballet slippers are the comfiest of all kinds of footwear. keds are a close second.
tutorial is on orange juice etc. 

&&& this is part of the reason i haven't been sharing recipes with you.
jk. not really. but sometimes i mess up. i never said i was a great cook. but i do try awful hard…

be back soon with a real update :)


  1. um, can i please please please come over to make those adorable soap dispensers with you? plus those ballet shoes. i am serious about this. :)

  2. omg juliet you really took the words out of my mouth!! i have been wanting to make those soap dispensers and flats too!! i want to join!!

  3. okay then, you know what this means…CRAFT PARTY AT THE COLEMANS!!!

  4. You are adorable. The rug is awesome. I am impressed. ;)