Jul 5, 2010

a quick looksie at a housie.

so right now…it looks like we maaaay have a house!

we have a signed contract & are looking at closing on august 12th. so, lord willing, this will be our very own home in less than 6 weeks.

& i'm finally able to go back through all of those starred decorating posts in my google reader. for maybe reals :)

i think one of my favorite things, though, is going to be shopping for curtains. we have none right now. & thats been okay. but curtains & rugs add so much to a room. so i've found two that i like already. & some of our windows look like this…so thats kind of fun. daniel will probably be the one that ends up deciding. maybe the one on the right would be a little too feminine for him…? but i love the colors :)

(from urban outfitters - just don't buy them all up before i do :P)

so lets see what happens. i've always enjoyed packing & unpacking. its like christmas time. & its fun for me to get rid of things, too. & i'm sure we'll be doing some of that as well.

i am most looking forward to:
1.) lots of projects
2.) having a yard
3.) a bigger kitchen

maybe not exactly in that order?


  1. Oh, what a lovely house! I really hope you get it! :) Can't wait to see pictures of the inside, especially the larger kitchen! Yay!

  2. Oh Mindy. The house is so cute!! Where is it, in Charlotte? Will be praying all goes through!!

  3. Love that house, keeping my fingers crossed that you get it!

  4. haha. i loooove this house! its dreamy :)I was looking for curtains on UO and my boyfriend said they all were girly that picked out except for the one on the left. lol

    Good Luck!!!

  5. thanks dena!
    its in huntersville - about 15 minutes from CW :)

  6. David and I briefly considered that house (internet only:) awhile back! It is sooo cute!