Jul 7, 2010

kitchen love. house love.

today was day no. 1 of planning for our new little hopeful-home-to-be. 
we went over loan things with my perries, & went by the house to take measurements & start making little lists of what is most important for us to have done be fore we move in.

we have five weeks until our closing date, & a month & a half between our closing date & the time that our lease is up on our apartment.

no. 1
clean & scrub & get rid of all ants & buggies. meaning lots of white vinegar, baking powder & bleach. & my pink rubber gloves.
no. 2
insulate for winter. we have lots of windows. they all have single panes. that may not mean much to a lot of people, but come around mid-winter & you will.
so we'll at least put weather strips or whatever you call them in the doors & check for any cracks or air holes. & probably get a good sized space heater.
no. 3
deep clean & seal the floors. 
no. 4
mini bathroom renovation. we have 1.5 bathrooms. both are cute. but have potential. but they have that icky old plastic tile halfway up the ceilings - we're going to take all of that off & go over it with wood paneling. im pretty sure. & paint. & find a cute sink on craigslist.
no. 5
another mini project. this time with the kitchen. painting the cabinets, pulling down MORE plastic tiles & putting up wood panels. 
no. 6
give garrett lots of chic-fil-a so he will do yard work for us :)))

we also need to strip all wiring & install new electric throughout the house, but umm…yeah. we are contracting that one out for sure :P

it sounds like a lot, but then again...we have almost 2 months to do it all.

speaking (above) of kitchens...these are some that i liked. we obviously wont be doing all of this now, but i like to store them away.

okay. don't even get me started on those lower cabinets on this one...they pull out. uhhhmazing.
& this is the wood paneling we're going to do i think...

i like these wood shelves…maybe i can work them in somewhere...?

i'm about 90% sure my parents have these little shelves. & they are from ikea. so...another idea to store away...

okay, this one...seems to fit us best i think. or at least i can realistically see us having a kitchen like this. i wish i could remember where i found this picture. maybe it was from design*sponge ? i don't think we will never have a perfectly posh - stainless steel & antique white kitchen. & i looooove the idea of wood or butcher block countertops. its my all time favorite.

& this is my dream...
yes, please. two massive, beautiful, expensive farm style sinks. this picture is heaven to me. you would never see dirty dishes hanging over your counters again. ahhh bliss.
can you not tell i'm liking the bead board style paneling? its in every single picture...

does anyone else enjoy this kind of thing? little (or big) home projects? 


  1. Good job picking out the pics..great ideas...it will be adorable..Lord willing:)

  2. Love, love, love your ideas..the kitchen will be soooo cute with the Mindy-spin put on it...so happy for you two!

  3. cute, cute, cute, cute. And the sinks are AWESOME!