Jul 19, 2010

plastic bag holder.

okay. here we go. 
in honor of our new home, i wanted to make another plastic bag holder. i say another because, well…look at the one we have now.

yes. the halloween cats. it was a gift. which was fine while it sat in our hall closet - but not exactly in keeping with what i wanted for our laundry room. sooooo yeah. i decided to try & make my own.

you need:
2 1/2 feet by about 14" of fabric
12 " of elastic

please excuse the two icky yellow pictures that are no. 3 & 4. they were taken deep in the cave of our apartment. there is no light there…

no. 1
i started off with my already made bag holder to decide what size i wanted mine...& a pretty tablecloth from goodwill 
no. 2
cut your fabric/tablecloth/whatever to desired length & width. mine was about 32" long by 8" (16 total)

no. 3
now measure about 6 inches from the bottom & pin down your elastic. sew with a straight or zig zag stitch. you will want to pull the elastic so its stretched out as much as possible while you're straight stitch is going. it should gather like in picture 4. repeat for top.

no. 4
turn fabric so the wrong side (elastic bands & all) is facing you & pin all the way down the long side of fabric. sew with a straight stitch.

no. 5
cut 3 pieces of twine about 14" each & braid together. sew each side along the top of bag holder in an 'x' patter, as shown below.

now you can stuff all of your plastic bags that you really don't want anyways out of sight. its nicer than having them all stuffed under your sink, at least ;)