Aug 24, 2010

diy packaging.

the past several months i've been selling lots on ebay.
& amazon.

you all probably could guess already that i hate clutter. which is kind of ironic a lot of the times. especially when it comes to the massive stack of ebay-ables behind our couch.

sometimes i sell things of ours.
sometimes i buy things & resell them.
a lot of them have been daniel's piles of schoolbooks & calculators & school gadgets.

we also shop at trader joe's a good bit.

so here is trader joe's + ebay

their bags are surprisingly sturdy.
i've never had an issue with them. i just buy bubblewrap for the books & more fragile items as an in between layer. or tissue paper for clothes.

& they look nicer than boxes & yellow envelopes to me.

just something to think about ;)