Aug 24, 2010

elkin i love you.

saturday was a odell/ross/coleman family day.
we drove up to my grandpa's old stomping grounds. in elkin. & thurman. & other places close by. my uncle has been in town this past week, so it was a fun family trip.

i also decided, that while i really truly love charlotte…i love the beaches & mountains of north carolina even more. it was so relaxing. & there were flea markets & antique shops EVERYWHERE.
we didn't stop at any of them.
this time.
but i really would love to go again soon & explore all of the fun little places.
i'm shooting a wedding for a friend there in october. it made me even more excited for it knowing how beautiful everything is.
here is dad, aunt (who gave us a beautiful antique mirror for our bathroom. yay!), grandma & mom.

our ice cream. butter pecan & blueberry cream pie.

for all of the pictures i take…this is the first one of daniel & i together in over…3 months? 

can't wait to be in the mountains again so soon. we will be at the beach starting this weekend, & that will be wonderful.

followed by oklahoma the next weekend - very quickly, for my grandparents 50th anniversary. which i also adore & miss. 

then that next weekend we will be moving.

september will be so much fun :)