Aug 23, 2010

homemade dishwasher detergent.

okay… here is the first of many homemade cleaners. a few people have asked me why i want to do things this way…to save money, to be green etc…

& honestly…it's kind of just become a hobby for me. & i really like the idea of knowing what all is going into my clothes, dishes, counters, etc…all the chemical names on packages really creep me out. & i'm a de-clutter bug. so seeing cleaners in different shapes & colored packages really goes against every anal, perfectionistic bone in my body…thats probably why i love ball jars so much. conformity makes me so happy :)

so this is my new dishwashing detergent.
i've used this twice now.
& have scrutinized all of my glasses & dishes & i'm pleased to say…
i think this works just as well as my cascade did.

you will need:

1/2 cup of borax
1/2 cup of washing soda
1/4 cup of citric acid (that is the only ingredient i don't have shown. you can also substitute 5 packets of unsweetened lemon kool-aid in a pinch
1/4 cup of kosher salt

the borax & washing soda was actually difficult for me to track down. FYI. Walmart, Target & Rite Aid do not have the Washing Soda…although Target did have the Borax for $3.99. & the rest I found at Harris Teeter. So grocery stores are probably going to be your best bet for these. Save yourself the time I didn't, please.
These two ingredients are used in almost EVERY homemade cleaner, by the way. They are definitely worth getting.

Citric acid…I have heard you can go to a local bar or pub & ask for this…i have not done that yet. I think I'm going to order a good bit of it on Amazon, so if you want to buy some off of me…let me know. Or I can order some for you when I do another amazon order etc...

the white vinegar is for your little jet dry hole. what is that…a rinse aid compartment? yes.

this isn't rocket science. or any science at all really. pour all ingredients into a jar & shake.
then put it in a ball jar.
or you could use any leftover container…whatever you have.

This is about how much it makes. It is PACKED down. The citric acid has something to do with that…so you may need to fluff it with a spoon every once in awhile.

& here is the part thats weird to me…you only have to use 1 tablespoon per load.
i do a heaping tablespoon, because it makes me feel a like i'm adding a little extra cleanness to my dishes :)


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  1. Thank you so much for this!! I am SO going to make some.!! I LOVE ball jars too. I usually take things out of their packages and put them into jars or other glass things I have. :) It just feels more natural. I am completely with you on the chemicals -- we try to get all chemicals out of our lives. We've been using Method and Meyers products from Target for our dishes, but I will be happy to use something completely homemade. :) Thank you! I love your blog.