Aug 17, 2010

How we eat.

I kind of let the whole 'raw food' topic dissipate on my blog.

So today I'm bringing it back up again.

I'm so sorry…its long.

We are still eating really 'healthy' I suppose. I want to do a lot of things I'm not still. But a few things I have learned for absolutely sure:

no. 1
I'm absolutely sure that I wake up MUCH more quickly in the morning when I drank enough water the day before.

I can go all day without drinking anything. Other than my tea in the morning. So I'm reaaally dehydrated most of the time. & its SO hard for me to wake up -- when I'm drinking more water - its 100x easier. No kidding. You should try it.

Another thing I've learned recently about water - its not the best for you to guzzle a TON of water while you're eating. Your body can process food better when your gut isn't full of water. Also: drinking a glass of water when you first wake up in the morning is another great way to get rid of the sleepys. & keeps you from becoming dehydrated once you start downing coffee. fyi.

no. 2
Veggies make my tum tum sing :)
Okay, well no. But they make me feel good. Doctors have always given me a clean bill of heath, but for whatever reason, I've always struggled with having little-to-no energy. Another reason why eating good foods is so important for me. Veggies for lunch - like broccoli & carrots w/ my homemade ranch dressing make me feel good all afternoon.

no. 3
Chia seeds are a good morning pick me up. They are loaded with B12. We mix about a teaspoon in our granola & oatmeal in the morning. I think it does the trick ;)

no. 4
Yoga - even just 3 times a week has made me more flexible, made my posture better (better. im still a major sloucher) & made me - dare i say….TALLER?

Daniel & I are perfect for each other. We both have way messed up backs. He has scoliosis & i was told on several occasions I have crunched discs & could potentially have a granny hunch at a NOT granny age. We used to go to the chiropractor every month….I haven't been in over 3 months. Normally after three weeks or so my lower back starts throbbing, I fidget around whenever I have to sit still in one place & I am SO ready by the next month to get my back popped. Since I've been doing yoga I haven't needed it! & on the taller bit - my mom & I have always been the same height & when I went over the other day, I was definitely an inch taller…take that however you will.

no. 5
Planning our food each week not only saves me time every day - when I would wander over to the fridge & wonder what I could possibly make with a head of wilty lettuce & almond milk…but it lets me plan for a somewhat balanced week with our food.

So, in my handy little notebook, I have a mealplanning chart I can look back to:
For dinner we have fish 1x a week, salad 1x a week, red meat 1x a week, vegetarian (other than salads) 1x a week chicken 1x every two weeks (until I can find a good place to get happy chickens) Then we normally eat with our parents or go out 1-2 nights. It makes things easy for me, at least. & that way we don't eat meat & potatoes 3 of 5 days.
We do the same for lunches. & breakfast.

Things I want to get better at:

no. 1
Eating still more veggies - less breads.
BTW, Clyde is very well, thank you. I need to feed him about now. He's hungry on my counter at the moment...

no. 2
Drinking more water. Old habits die hard…

no. 3
Not gorging on desserts every time we go out…or stay in. I always end up with bellyaches. We still have desserts here, too. So its not like we're deprived or anything. So maybe just two brownies…instead of three.

no. 4
Start taking the expensive multi-vitamins I bought at EarthFare several months ago. They would be so good for me if I could only take the minute to swallow that horse pill every morning…

no. 5
Transition over to all-natural house cleaners, detergents etc…Oh. No more paper towels for us, either.

For several reasons:
*We're taking up less space if I only need to make 3 cleaners to do everything that the 8-9 I have now can.
*No chemicals. Especially when we have babies crawling around someday.
*Less plastic containers to throw out.
*& I honestly just like the feeling of knowing that 'yeah, I made that detergent that makes your shirts smell so good, dear.' maybe i'm crazy…

So basically, I'm using all of what I have left, & I have a document saved with all of the dishwashing & laundry detergents & want to make. Multi-purpose cleaners, etc…I will post them as I make them :)

& we have officially run out of paper towels. I may keep one roll on hand for emergencies - especially while we're moving. But we've been using rags & microfiber cloths the last month or so & it hasn't been a hassle at all…Thats just a little less we have to throw away, too :)

You have been sufficiently rambled-to.

Hopefully just a little of that was helpful?


  1. i would definitely be interested in your homemade cleaners!! right now i use half isopropyl (sp??) alcohol and half water for surfaces and mirrors, etc. and i still use barkeepers friend and comet for toilets and stainless steel. but i'm interested in more "pure" and "healthy" versions. plus, it bugs me how expensive laundry detergent is and i would LOVE to find a kind that i can make myself and even scent! please please share what you find when you start making them, ok? ok.

    loving your blog, girly... :)

  2. Girl,

    I will definitely keep you posted :)
    I just need to find A&H Washing Soap & i'm all set to start!

  3. Have you tried Trader Joe's reusable "paper" towels? They are like mini-sham wows. They suck up EVERYTHING and then you just rinse, wring out, and hang up. Then wash them when you need to. I keep paper towels on hand for things like draining greasy bacon. We use cloth napkins too.

    I haven't tried making my own detergent (yet) but as for now, I'm pretty stuck on Charlie's Laundry Soap. It runs me about 17¢ per load and it's awesome.

  4. Okay,
    I'll have to look for those next time I'm at TJ's :)

  5. You can get A&H washing soap at harris teeter, in the laundry isle. I am with michelle I love me some charlies! I never had good luck with the homemade stuff cleaning kids stains. You can order charlies off of amazon for $9 for 80 loads which i like.


    We got one of these instead of paper towels! I bet you could just buy the towels though and make your own houser thing. the towels they have are really nice though they are thin so they are very much like a paper towel, I don't know what they use. Also they double as napkins. :)