Aug 3, 2010

monday update.

this is my sweet niece. she left to go back home to ohio with her brother and mommy on saturday.
i kind of miss them already. its nice having lots of family in town :)

well this weekend something new is happening! i'm going to be a bridesmaid for the very first time as my dear friend katherine is getting married to dave - her british man. quite a few of their friends have come in town & were helping us set up for the wedding. it was so fun listening to the lovely accents. i wish i could get away with talking the way they do. i think i would get such strange looks from people though, if i started calling everything 'lush' it just doesn't sound natural coming from my lips. but i i wish it was :)

so lots of wedding festivities this week. closing on our little home next week.
one more reason i am excited about our home: it is within 5 minutes walking distance from Cafe 100, which was formerly 'toast'. And more than half of charlotte knows that toast was the best of breakfast places. cafe 100 is alas, still not quite toast, but is run by their former manager, & feels & tastes quite similar. the only thing missing from their menu is their potatoes. mmmmmm. i miss them. but they do have a tasty looking lunch menu, so maybe that will make up for it all. we went down the street this past friday & ate at cafe 100. we had breakfast for lunch & had such a nice time. i am looking forward to many more walks there for breakfast at all hours of the day.

this post will be quite short, because i want to take a few minutes & read this
before daniel gets home. i wasn't entirely sure i would like this series. but its really quite amusing to me so far. i love the way anne thinks. i've found myself wishing to be more imaginative as i've read the first several books. i know that sounds silly, doesn't it? but it really does make me want to enjoy sunsets & clouds & beautiful days more as she does. daniel is a huge fan of these things, too. some of you know. you've probably seen him run outside & just stare at the beautiful colors & he's probably insisted that you join him & enjoy it too. i want to be more like them both.

hope to post again soon. i have some food for you :)
maybe it will be later this week.
cross your fingers.

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