Aug 19, 2010

a new kind of makeup remover...

okay. i will soon have a whole series of posts that may weird you out.
this is a good starter one. because its not that strange. at least i don't think so…

so, basically, i ran out of makeup remover the other day. & didn't feel like buying more right now. & i didn't want to get what i have again. it makes my eyes kind of bleary at night - does that happen to anyone else? so i started googling homemade or natural makeup removers…

& found a youtube video for olive oil that was interesting. 
the fact that the girl making it had a pet rabbit named mr. bun buns hopping all around in the background probably helped to.

i think i want to potty train a bunny now. instead of a dog. it was preeeecious.

so i'd heard before that extra virgin olive oil can be used to remove makeup, as a moisturizer for your face - & really your entire body. but i kind of dismissed it, thinking it would be really, well…oily.

but last night as i found my self at the very end of my makeup remover…i decided to try it - on one eye. & my normal remover on the other.

the olive oil totally won. for several reasons.
1. my eyes weren't blurry & the eye i used my cold cream on was. & it was also a little red & tender feeling. i guess thats how its always been - i just never noticed until i tried something else? 
2. it makes your skin feel soooo soft & nice in the morning.
3. my video tells me that it is non-comedogenic. & i believe most things i learn on youtube ;)
4. it also works better than baby oil - which i have also tried, which will clog your pores if you dont wash it all off, & it seems like my cotton balls absorb all of the oil & there is none left for my eyes. so none of that anymore either.

helloooo new beauty product :)

i'm going to put whats left in this bottle in a tiny ball jar.

so i think other people should try this too & tell me how it works out for you.
i've also heard that it should be extra virgin - not regular olive oil. i can't vouch for that. but there it is, for whatever its worth.

have fun, ladies.

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