Aug 12, 2010

today was housie day.

i can't believe its the 12th. 
we were supposed to close on our little home today.

wow. just wow.

what has happened to this year, guys?!

so maybe you picked up on the 'supposed' bit. no worries. things just got pushed back a bit. as they always do when dealing with lenders & lawyers & old houses. i was actually a little concerned when things were going SO well. its just not…normal.

so patience for me. & for daniel. maybe next week? i am just itching to get in & start sweeping. it needs a good sweeping.

in the meantime. lots of baking for me.
i tried making yogurt again. after two horribly failed attempts awhile back (do NOT try my yogurt recipe, guys. i mean, it wasn't awful. but i should probably delete it. the one i have now is better)
i was scared to try again for awhile. but this time i got a recipe from a friend & just did one jar so we didn't have two massive ball jars of icky yogurt…just in case. but it turned out!

& clyde is…not really showing any signs of life. but i'm giving him a little more time.
(fyi…clyde is my sourdough starter. i'm using this recipe - the guy in the video kiiilllls me) & i'll start posting sourdough recipes once i get him going. promise :)

oh oh oh. & i made my ball jar soap dispenser yesterday with cait. thats one more little project off my list :)
thanks to my dad. he is perfect for whenever i want to do these silly projects. he's our tool man.
i know i know…they're not QUITE as beautiful as the old fashioned jars, but still hundreds of times better than keeping a plastic bottle of dawn on my sink all the time :)

maybe i'll show you all how to make them?
but then that means i can't really gift them to people then, sooo…we'll see.

i also found the very first picture of myself from kats wedding today on facebook!!! this is like a new game with myself i've been playing the last week - trying to find just one picture i'm in from the wedding day. i think i was just really busy running around during the reception trying to get their car decorated & who knows what else - that i kid you not…there is not a single picture of me and kat or even me trying to stuff my face with cupcakes in the background of someone elses pictures.... nada.
even during the ceremony we were staggered so i'm hidden behind other bridesmaids in those. it is really, truly, honestly funny to me. i have the dress. that is proof that i was a bridesmaid at least. & this one picture with ivy that i look kind of puffy in. but its not like i have a ton of options…

i'm off now to finally really finish that chevron rug. really.
be back tomorrow with a recipe maybe?


  1. Ohhhh Mindy. Where do I begin? First of all. Love the kites. Who did that and how?? I am so not techy. Totally saw the ball jar soap holder. Actually, Crystal passed the idea on to me and I have an old ball jar, but not the old galvanized lid however I think you're newer jar looks MUCH cooler than a plastic bottle as you said. So maybe I should just use a reg lid like you...Also, I'm totally into the chevron thing, don't have a thing in my house that says that, but I am very intrigued about this rug! I can't imagine a drop cloth not being slippery, but I am excited to see yours! Love that you'll be in the craft club. I think we have a lot in common. :)


  2. I love the jar!!!
    very cute idea:))

  3. @Natalie:
    i took the picture of the kites & drew out the 'colemans in love' part & added it in photoshop. it was really easy :) you could definitely do it.

    & i actually got the idea for the ball jar from that link crystal put on your wall! it took me a little bit to find it the other day - i think i went back like, 8 pages on your wall to get to it.

    & i am excited about the craft club too! its going to be so fun.

    thank you. i think i'm going to post how to make them after all. so you can make one too!

  4. Oh, I LOVE the soap dispenser! :D So cute! Any instructions for that would be awesome!! :]