Sep 22, 2010

confessions pt. 1

okay, so i've been avoiding telling you all this for a few months now, but i really don't think i can keep it to myself anymore.
daniel knows. one or two other random people may know…

are you ready?

i haven't used shampoo or conditioner in…four months?

don't freak out too much. i promise its not that gross. my hair is still clean, i just said that i don't use shampoos & conditioner & actually, my hair has been less frizzy & much easier to manage - overall. 
if you have seen me the past several weeks - don't judge. i have had lead-based paint & sawdust matting its way into my hair constantly. now that is gross.

so, i will explain everything now. 
i'm currently - & definitely plan on continuing to use a 'no-poo' method on my hair. the very phrase 'no-poo' totally weirded me out when i first saw it, & it honestly still gives me the heebies a little, but thats what people are calling it, so far be it for me to try to change it…

so, you know that maybe i've been finding a lot of alternatives to cleaners & things, but maybe this is just taking it a bit too far for people? but i love trying weird things, if you haven't noticed, & i became curious about this after reading an article here on the subject.

one thing i already knew is that most shampoo's contain sodium sulfate & loads of other chemicals & dyes, so i'd been looking into shampoo bars when i found this (those are also a good alternative, btw, especially if you like your hair smelling yummy. Mine doesn't smell like anything at all - but that just means i can load on more perfume, which is a plus, i think :)

the purpose of shampoo: is to clean or clarify your hair, but in order to do that, it strips all of the natural oils out of your hair & replaces them with artificial ones, which is why your hair will tend toward frizzing.
the purpose of conditioner: since all of your natural oils have been stripped from your hair, conditioner adds them back in, softens your hair & tries to combat the frizz.

so not only am i not crazy about the jibberish ingredients on the side of my shampoo bottle, but they really didn't seem to be working all that great for me. my hair has always been frizzy & thick. air drying was a huuuge no-no because it made it even MORE frizzy. so after i read about this, i used up the rest of the shampoo i had & decided to give it a try & i LOVE it. obviously. otherwise i wouldn't dream of telling you all this...

you need:
2 cups or bottles. the ones i have pictured work great. i found them at garden ridge.
apple cider vinegar
baking soda

baking soda 'shampoo':
this clarifies your hair naturally & without stripping all of the oil from your hair (if you have fine hair, this may not sound like a good thing, but it really is!)

add about 1 tablespoon of baking soda & 1 cup of water. if you find after trying this a few times though that your hair feels a little dry, add a little less baking soda. shake & work through your hair. it won't really lather up, but its working.

apple cider vinegar 'conditioner':
this makes your hair super shiny & nice, detangles, & seals your hair cuticles & balances your hairs pH after using the baking soda.

add 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar & 1 cup of water. for fine or oily hair, 1 tablespoon is fine. If you have thick hair like me, go for 2.
*Just a side note on the water…make sure its warm. you don't want freezing water pouring down your head. right?
same as above. work through hair. you will smell the vinegar, but it actually washes out & your hair won't smell like it once your out of the shower & dry, just in case you were worried :P

okay, & i'll tell you one more awful thing. i only do this 2x a week. or every 4 days or so, because my hair is totally fine in between time. i do still shower though. fyi.

so thats all i have to tell you about for today.
hopefully you won't think of me strangely now.

ALSO: i've 'heard' that it may take a week or two for your scalp & hair to get used to this kind of thing because you're not using the chemicals in your hair, so if your hair seems a bit weird for a week or so, don't give up!


  1. I love your ideas Mindy! No, I don't find it all that weird. I've washed my hair with mayonnaise before...and in my opinion, that's even stranger :)

  2. oh man... i cant wait for part 2. What fun new facts could Mindy possibly reveal next?

  3. Mindy, Hardly any of your all natural recipes or home living tricks have I ever tried(though one day hope to conquer them all). But, I must come out of the box here and say everything in this post from vinagar rinses, mayonnaise washes, coffee, and baking soda I have done it all! Also, using a "no poo" shampoo right now a treat!

    You are an inspiration an absolute inspiration!
    Thanks for coming clean :)

  4. Mindy: Hi! I recently started following your blog :) i love it!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I use the 'no-poo' method also!! But I haven't had them measured out so sometimes my hair gets too oily/dry. But I'm going to measure mine like you said and see how that works. :D
    My hair is curly and it took about 2 weeks for the oils to even out after stopping the 'shampoo stripping'. !!

  5. so very awesome! I can't wait to try this out! Mindy, thank you for all your research into healthy alternatives!

  6. Hannah told me about your post.

    I had to come and comment. :) I have been doing the Curly Girl method since May, I think. I haven't used shampoo since then!! No combs, brushes or hairspray! I absolutely love it. Especially since recently I have finally got the right mix of products.

    I do use conditioner, but EVERYTHING I use is water soluble and no silicone or detergents. I did need to clarify today. I used turbinado sugar and a conditioner and it felt great. My second choice was baking soda, but heard it was so drying that I couldn't do it. I followed with a ACV rinse and deep conditioning.

    My hair is sooooo different since starting this method. It is kind of neat to see what it does without all of those sulfates and silicone weighing down and drying out. I have lived my entire life fighting my wavy hair to find out it is actually curlier than I thought. Who knew?!?!? Only downside is that my hair is taking soooo much longer to dry now that it isn't parched and I have learned that I can't do anything with it until it IS dry.

    ~Becky G.

  7. Mindy,

    I am a fine-hair girl. I have been intrigued by the no-poo approach in the past, but I've always been discouraged after a couple days and my hair getting overwhelmingly limp and oily. BUT, I am encouraged again and I think I'm going to give your approach a try (but for fine-hair). Thanks for all the great posts! :)

    Kate J.

  8. I just love your blog. I think you are the cutest thing ever.
    I've been wanting to try this for awhile now, and I think I'm finally going to give it a go this weekend! My shampoo and conditioners are almost out too.
    I never can find one that suits my hair anyways.

  9. Hi Mindy,
    Just discovered your blog. You are a brave and beautiful woman. Just wondering, do you still do this?