Sep 15, 2010

a few befores...

i finally thought that, since this little home is finally ours, we can share a few "before" pictures.

although now the process is more in the "middle" stage, which is very dusty & demolished looking.

our family room. we have two wingback chairs we are going to put in front of the fireplace that are a light yellow. & want to paint the walls…any suggestions? I would do blue, but i feel like i already have shades of blue in every other room : /

dining room

our kitchen. although…i can hardly remember this kitchen. with its cabinet doors & plastic tiles on the wall & faux-stone linoleum. its looking nicer to me now :P

our laundry room. minus the cabinet on the left & the freezer.
frat boys from uncc took that off our hands for us :P

the backyard goes about 10 feet past that white building in the back.
just waiting for a garden, compost pile, pet bunny & chickens, i think :)

our 'moving date' aka the day we need to be out of our apartment is just 15 days away!
we may be living with parents for a week or so, but i think that could be fun :)


  1. Oh, Mindy, it's so beautiful! I love it!!!


  2. I want to bake in that kitchen;)

  3. haha maggie.
    the minute we move in i'll set a baking date!

  4. yay. love it. i want to come over all the time.

    and as for color suggestions for the room with yellow chairs. maybe a cool light cream or tan? then you could throw some funky bright pillows on the chairs and maybe some nice curtains. OR you could pair the light yellow chairs with a bold wall color.. like deep red or that antique green or like a blueish green color.

    you CAN do a warm color.. but yellow pairs best with cool colors.. not just blues and greens but cool reds etc.. but you can do warm and it'll just be super summer and cozy. either way.. yellow pairs with most things.

  5. (i really like the color of the blue with a hint of green thats the sky in your blog header.)

  6. ayayyayayy party mindy party.. us girls!! oh and ask john about what color since he is wall color expert.. shhhhhhishhh sorry secret expert

  7. your house looks so wonderful! and i'm sure it is just getting wonderfuller by the day. :)