Sep 14, 2010

happy one year.

the 5th was our first wedding anniversary.

one year & a week ago i married my very best of friends.
we've become even better best friends since.
& we are weirder than we were a year ago.
of that i am sure.
but we do love to laugh together.
& i can't imagine anyone being so perfect for me.

thank you daniel for letting me feed you salads & being open to trying all kinds of strange things.
for always opening my car door.
for peppering my face with little kisses every morning.
for loving our families so much.
for making your type a wife take a break every once in a while.
for noticing when the dishes are put away & the floor is vacuumed.
for not freaking out when i cry for absolutely no reason at all {this rarely happens}
for being a listening ear.
for following my quick changes in conversation so masterfully.
for loving the lord & helping me love him more, too.
& for leading me so wonderfully when we were stuck in dallas this past weekend.
& lots of other things.

all picture were taken by the lovely Ms. Lydia Hartnett unless otherwise noted.
we were thrilled beyond words that she was able to take our pictures for us on such a special day.


  1. such beautiful pictures!
    Happy one year :)

  2. Aw! Congrats to you both! ..what a beautiful anniversary post, Mindy.

  3. aww mindy! so sweet. congrats on your first year of marriage. thanks again for letting michael and i be apart of your special day. you are such a great girl and an awesome friend! i cant wait to catch up soon!

  4. sweet daughter in law, i can't tell you enough how wonderfully grateful i am that my son, whom i love very much, married such a sweet, beautiful, perfect for him, girl...that makes this mother's heart sing!!